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Home to only 20 horses means that each horse receives individual attention, customized feedings with premium feed and forage, and turn-out from a caring and professional staff.  We believe in providing horses with a "natural lifestyle", including as much turn-out as possible (but separated at grain feedings) and a "forage based" feeding program.



Explanation of Boarding Services and Pricing


Full Board ($350/month)

  • Each  horse carefully checked daily for injury/illness
  • Run-in sheds; cleaned and bedded daily
  • Indoor stalls available during inclement weather or during illness/injury recover
  • Customized feedings twice a day with premium feed and grass/alfalfa hay
  • Veterinarian approved deworming program (additional fee); every horse done on the same day
  • Owners advised of routine vet/farrier needs;  horses presented for routine visits of vet/farrier
  • Stable Manager and Owner readily available for any questions or problems


Full Board and Maintenance ($450/month)

  • Full Board services… PLUS….
  • Indoor stall with bedding
  • Daytime turn-out on grass lots
  • Grooming


Horse Training and Board         

  • Half training; 3 training sessions/wk.  ($750/month)
  • Full training; 6 training sessions/wk.   ($950/month)
  • Includes Full Board services

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